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Trevor Vita

Practicality is something I have always valued. When in school it was always a bit disturbing how many people were getting complex degrees and knew little about the real world. If you knew about chemistry and cycling then you didn't know electronics or business. Specialization is efficient but ultimately constraining. I needed to know about electronics, cars, planes, physics, farming, programming and every other subject.  I was raised on a ranch on the central cost of California and I spent my summers exploring the wilderness of Idaho. I had a passion for building and an appreciation for nature. I learned to shoot and fish, read a map and raise a cow, to build a computer and setup a solar system. It was the diversity that kept me interested and allowed me to continually build my resume of skills.  I founded Bird Aerospace with the idea that it would take all of those skills to succeed. It would be the ultimate challenge and the perfect test of how far I could go. Steve said, “Always remember that soon you’ll be dead” and that is exactly why we must challenge ourselves while we can.